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Bee Network
Earn a Bee in Game. Future’s Not The Same.

Good day everyone!

Version 1.5.277 is now on both iOS and Android

New Features:

  1. Guest login is added.
  2. Editing user name is available.

Guest Login

If you’re new to Bee Network, we welcome you to try on the Guest Login and play around the app before registration. By guest visiting, you’ll have access to Bee mining, leaderboard and our news. Mined Bees by guest would only be counted once you registered to become Bee Network member through bining either Phone/ Wechat/ Apple/ Facebook and Google.

Editing user name

Editing your user name means editing the name of your Bee Network profile but the name of your invitation code would not be changed.

We’re aiming at least 1Bee = 1USD

Update to the newest version of Bee Network and bind your account with social network accounts (options include WeChat, Apple, Facebook). In that case, you don’t need to worry about losing your account once you lose your mobile phone number. Action now !😌

Step 1: Get to the page of “Account Security”

Step 2: Choose the social network account you wanna bind with

Step 3: Confirm with the social network authorisation page.

Sneak peek of other progress

  • Guest mode login will be released in the coming update
  • Bee Network Browser is under development
  • Bee Wallet is on the way
  • And one more surprise is coming soon…!

1. Security Circle has been added:


A total of 7 team members can be added to the Security Circle: your basic rate will get increased by 20% for 1 active member, 40% for 2, 60% for 3, 80% for 4, 100% for 5 or more than 5 members(currently rate is 0.2bee/hr).


Must be an active user, otherwise the basic rate will not be increased

If members are added from mobile phone contact, it’s phone number must be registered on Bee Network App(reminder: if you couldn’t add the number, it means that person hasn’t register the mobile phone number on Bee Network)

To add from…

BEE Network is all about positively changing the world, seeing and harnessing potential not just in human beings, but in all life forms that exist on planet earth — especially bees. So, here are some of the most important things about BEE Network.

Building reliable DAOs (decentralized autonomous organization)

BEE Network represents the future of any decentralized organization. Unlike traditional organizations with centralized leadership structures where there’s often an obvious imbalance of power, BEE Network offers a next-gen approach to organizations where every member of an organization is connected through a system that fosters equality, privacy, and security.

Kevin Kelly’s…

Bee Network

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