【Important】1.22.0 Update: Step into Bee Pay

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3 min readDec 6, 2023


The cryptocurrency industry is undergoing a massive transformation, where opportunities and risks coexist in this era. What we can do before the next bull run is to continue building steadily, progressing towards our final goal.

With the efforts of the Core Team, version 1.22.0 is now live. Bringing significant updates such as more concise interfaces, improved experiences, convenient functionalities, and more opportunities to earn…

Meet your New Profile

A brand-new Profile page is waiting for your exploration, allowing you to show yourself in the Bee Network! Customize unique profile pictures and bios to make an impression and attract others to join your team. Now you can discover Dapps and Events that other Beelievers have joined. Don’t miss the chance to earn tokens and exclusive rewards like NFTs and WL rewards.

The debut of Bee Pay

Bee Pay now supports the exchange of stablecoins for Bee Coins, let us enhance the liquidity of Bee Coins together! (Bee Coins exchange is not open to iOS users yet) For developers, SDK for Bee Pay is now open to Bee Network partners. If you’re interested, feel free to inquire and join us in building the Bee Network Ecosystem!

First Dapp to Integrate Bee Pay

The vision of Bee Pay is to empower Beelievers to explore the Web 3.0 world with assets in the Bee wallet. The first project to integrate the Bee Pay system is now available on the Bee Wallet page! Why don’t you try using your earned Bee Coins to purchase a lottery? iPhone 15 and other high-value virtual prizes are waiting (One Lottery is currently not available in mainland China and the United States).

Checklist of Bee Network:

The Core Team will continue to develop the Bee Pay payment system, expanding the utility of Bee Coins and $BEE. Help us bring more Dapps into the Bee Network ecosystem by promoting Bee Network on social media. Your most frequently used games and tools might soon appear in the list of Bee Pay-supported applications. All for the stability and growth of $BEE tokens’ value. Certainly, the development of the $BEE token and the Bee Chain are progressing systematically. Important features such as staking and the testnet will gradually be unveiled in the future. Stay tuned.

Dec 6, 2023

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Bee Network

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