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2 min readApr 24, 2024


To further expand the Bee Network ecosystem and enhance the global impact of the Bee Network project, we are seeking the power of crypto influencers from around the world!

Bee Network, with its innovative concepts and robust technical capabilities, is at the forefront of the crypto revolution. To amplify our reach and let the Bee Network ecosystem flourish on a global scale, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Influencer Incubation Program!

By joining us, you will benefit from:

- Global Perspective: Grow together with influencers worldwide and expand your international reach.

- Shared Resources: Benefit from Bee Network’s extensive resources, including technical support and full-spectrum marketing services.

- Brand Elevation: Grow alongside Bee Network to boost your personal brand value and emerge as an industry leader.

- Community Empowerment: A robust community support base that strengthens your voice and collectively propels the growth of web3.

You can expect audience growth, advertisement revenue sharing, and exclusive identity on Bee Network…

We are looking for individuals who:

- Have Influence: Already possess a significant following and influence within the web3 space.

- Show Enthusiasm and Commitment: Are enthusiastic about the Bee Network ecosystem and ready to invest in its collaborative development over time.

- Think Creatively: Embrace innovative approaches, eager to experiment with new methods, and continuously seek out new frontiers.

Get in touch, if you’re ready to start this exhilarating adventure with us, please use the following methods to get in contact:

Google Form

Become a part of the Bee Network Ecosystem Influencer Incubation Program and help us shape the future of web3. We eagerly await your involvement!

24th April, 2024

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