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2 min readMay 20, 2024


Bee Network Crypto Visa Card Launch and Mega Airdrop Events Incoming!

Dear Beelievers, on May 20th, we’re celebrating the Bee’s Day. This year, we have prepared a variety of Events and generous benefits for you. At the same time, we will also reveal the latest development blueprint of Bee Network, and let us work together to build a more prosperous Bee Hive.

Launch of Bee Network & Coin 50 Crypto Card

We are thrilled to announce that Bee Network has joined forces with Coin 50 to launch a Crypto card, which will completely transform your payment experience and bring unprecedented convenience and security. Let’s welcome the new era of payment technology and embark on a journey of smart, safe, and convenient payments together.

You can update your app and visit the profile page to check the application process. Once approved, you will unlock the following experiences:

  • Limited free application for the first 1000 users (for those who have over 5,000 BEE)
  • Enjoy zero transaction fees and zero annual fees
  • The physical card can be unlocked in the coming weeks, so stay tuned

Get ready, on May 20th, let’s soar to the Moon together!

Upcoming Feathers to Look Forward To

  1. BEE and Bee Coin Staking Program: The staking plan for BEE and Bee Coin is on the way. In the coming weeks, you’ll be able to stake your harvested honey to earn additional token rewards.
  2. Collaboration with OKX Exchange: We’re working with OKX Exchange to launch a series of practical new features. We hope to bring these to you as soon as possible.
  3. Bee Network Co-branded Crypto Card: The limited-time free application for the Bee Network co-brand Crypto card is now live. Have you gotten your Bee card yet? For those who are not eligible or missed out this round, don’t worry. Regular application channels will be opening soon.

What activities are prepared for Bee’s Day?

Joint Airdrop Event

We are delighted to have invited several B-end partners to participate in the 2nd Bee’s Day event, such as GeckoTerminal, and BSCDaily… We have prepared a joint airdrop event with a total value of $1,500 for all Beelievers. Participate and you have a chance to receive rewards, so act quickly.

Exclusive 2000 $BCD token Airdrop Event

Over the past few months, tens of thousands of Beelievers have joined BC.Game. For this Bee′sDay, BC.Game is offering a limited−time token airdrop to Beelievers − up to 2000 $BCD tokens are up for grabs! Submit your Player ID to participate and receive $BCD.

Always remember:

your voice matters… Let’s make this Bee’s Day a memorable one together!


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