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3 min readOct 19, 2022

Thanks to the efforts of Bee community admins, Bee community keeps moving forward. This week let’s meet our Spanish community ambassador-Alex(@pipols12). How did he join Bee family and become a Bee community ambassador? Let’s listen to his story with Bee.

Over a year ago, Alex joined Bee Network at the recommendation of other project administrators. There’s no need to pay anything to join Bee Network and earn bees. So he joined Bee Network and keeps mining. As of now, he has collected about 4027 bees so far.

I thought that I had nothing to lose by activating an application only once a day and everything to gain if the project came to fruition in the future.

To help Bee Network develop better, Alex joined Bee admins family. He’s always ready to help group members and work together with other admins.

I like to see the project move forward. And as every project needs a united and informed community to grow harmoniously, a community free of scammers and detractors. For that reason, I applied for an ambassador position. And thank the other fellow Ambassadors for their very special work in the ambassadors’ room and the official group.

How to grow the community is the concern of every community admin. As an admin, Alex has his own ideas to develop his group. Here is what he said.

Inviting them in Facebook groups, Twitter, and talking in Telegram groups. Also sharing the link to the channels of the different countries in the official Telegram group.

Alex always has some good ideas for the development of Bee. We welcome everyone’s good advice to promote the development of Bee together. In the future, Alex will continue to work with Bee Network and build a bigger community.

I am also an administrator in other groups and some users ask me about other projects and I recommend this one.

I have a feeling that our project could become a big project. If the core team and administrators continue to work the way we are doing.

Despite that, I would continue working in social networks, Facebook, and Telegram groups, making the project known to others.

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