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4 min readOct 11, 2022

When was the last time you opened Bee wallet?

Speaking of which, many Bee Lovers may not even realize that Bee Network already has its own wallet. 😬

We’ve noticed lately that many people don’t know that the Bee wallet has gone official for several months and many don’t know how to use it. In response, we feel that the development team should do something to make it easier and faster for people to use this important feature.

Bee Network is the largest bridge from Web2 to the Web3 world, and we’ve been practicing our vision according to the white paper to make Bee Network more valuable while connecting more of the ecosystem. For that, Bee wallet is incredibly important in our development as an irreplaceable connection medium.

What can Bee wallet do for you in the world of Web3? 🔑

1. Bee wallet manages your assets on chain

Owing Bee wallet means you have taken the first step into the world of Web3. Here, Bee wallet is your most faithful asset manager, whether it’s crypto tokens or NFT collections, everything you own on chain can be collected in Bee wallet on your mobile device. Now, Bee Wallet already supports basic management functions such as pan-Ethereum address import, token import, private key export, instant transfer transaction, etc. If you are new to Web3, then start by owning and using Bee Wallet!

2. Bee wallet takes you to join top projects

Many of Web3’s top projects require wallet as a prerequisite to join, from NFT projects to GameFi projects, Bee wallet is the beginning of everything. As planned in our white paper, so far we have gradually built up the Beehive ecology to access hundreds of top Dapps, which you can experience through the Square in the App. By using the wallet to connect with the Dapp, you have the ticket to these quality projects and can join it in a simpler and more convenient way. Soon, we will introduce more new contents such as games, social, e-commerce and life services one after another. As one of the pioneers to experience the new life of Web3 in all aspects through Bee Network, this is just exciting!

3. Bee wallet helps you reach more fortune

Apart from buying and selling cryptocurrencies on exchanges and trading NFTs in marketplaces, what other ways are there to reach more fortune? The Web3 world is full of mysterious ways to make fast money and everyone is confused as to which one to follow. We heard a lot of similar complaints in our team too, so we took this into consideration when developing the product. We asked a professional crypto project research team to find out the most valuable Web3 information for Bee Lovers to read, and to find out the projects that are easy to participate in directly using Bee wallet and have a profitable return, then recommend them to everyone in the Square after getting positive feedback from the team. That’s why you’ll see us continue to introduce airdrops and blockchain information on the Square. So, read carefully and make your Bee wallet work!

In the next update, we plan to make Bee Wallet a simpler one with quick response to use.

1. Put the wallet right next to the Square button, so that it can be accessed without tedious clicking operations.

2. Bee wallet will support multiple languages, so that Bee Lovers from 200+ countries and regions around the world can become pioneers of the Web3 world in an easier way.

Join us and help translate Bee wallet into your local language.

3. We’ll continue optimizing Bee wallet interface and operating experience. Creating a convenient, simple, functionally focused wallet is our goal.

🐝 Bee Lovers, do you have any other great ideas? Share with us in the comments or join our community to discuss further.

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