OddsSwap x Bee Network $10,000 Big Giveaway

$10,000 Giveaway🪂

Bonus 1: Invitation $ODS Rewards💰

  • Connect your wallet on OddsSwap to sign up first
  • Go to Promotions > Scroll down > Invite&Earn
  • Copy your invite link and share to your friends
  • Ask your friends to open your invite link and sign up, do remember to let your friends to fill in your invite code
  • Check your referral rewards right under Invite&Earn
get your invite code
check your rewards

Bonus 2: Invitation Contest🏆

Bonus 3: 0.65% Bet Refund🎲



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Bee Network

Bee Network

Earn a Bee in Game. Future’s Not The Same. Start your journey now: bee.com