OddsSwap x Bee Network $10,000 Big Giveaway

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2 min readNov 19, 2022

Hi there Bee Pioneers!

It’s glad to introduce our outstanding World Cup partner, the OddsSwap.👏

OddsSwap is decentralized and non-custodial, making it the best and safest way to bet online. Take a bet on the future and join the world’s first Plug & Play Sportsbook.

OddsSwap has built a partnership with Bee Network to launch a BIG GIVEAWAY!

$10,000 Giveaway🪂

With a total worth of $10,000 to share for the first 10,000 lucky ones, we’ll give $0.1 to $100 in USDT randomly.

Join Now: https://givelab.com/tkLhgo/crazy-10-000-usdt-big-giveaway

Bonus 1: Invitation $ODS Rewards💰

FREE 10 $ODS to the first 10,000 people signing up for OddsSwap account. Extra 5 $ODS for inviting new friend each.

How to get the rewards?

  • Connect your wallet on OddsSwap to sign up first
  • Go to Promotions > Scroll down > Invite&Earn
  • Copy your invite link and share to your friends
  • Ask your friends to open your invite link and sign up, do remember to let your friends to fill in your invite code
  • Check your referral rewards right under Invite&Earn
get your invite code
check your rewards

Bonus 2: Invitation Contest🏆

Top 3 OddsSwap referral masters of the week will get $100, $50, $20 each.

Bonus 3: 0.65% Bet Refund🎲

Make every punt memorable with uncapped rakeback on wins and losses available to claim after every match.

For example, if you wager 100 USDT and win 20 USDT the Qualified Bet amount is 20 USDT.

If you wager 100 USDT and lose the bet, the Qualified Bet amount is 100 USDT.

Time to make a fortune! Do it NOW.

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