【Notice】KYC For Q3 Is Coming

Greetings to global Bee Lovers. 🐝

Good news about Bee Network keeps popping up recently. With the support of global bee lovers, featured functions and updates have been achieved. Meanwhile, a new round of KYC is coming. Please get prepared beforehand.

This round of KYC is the same as the last round. In addition to identity cards from the previous 8 countries, international passports are also supported. The pass rate is not very high for identity cards. So please get your international passport ready.

The KYC will start from September 23rd to September 29th (EST), 7 days in total. Please get prepared with identity documents as required.

Many thanks to global Bee lovers. Bee Network is making progress with the support of you all, let’s build a bigger hive with our joint efforts.

KYC guidance: https://youtu.be/Jo3WMWn0tYs

Offerwall: https://youtu.be/3k-4FcBpykQ

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About Bee Network

Bee Network is an interactive game and social networking platform. You can score your Bee balance and communicate with your friends.

Earn a Bee in Game. Future’s Not The Same.




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Bee Network

Bee Network

Earn a Bee in Game. Future’s Not The Same. Start your journey now: bee.com