Must-Read Tips for Bee Referral Contest

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3 min readOct 31, 2022


Hello to Bee Network big family!

We’d like to share some Bee Network Referral Contest TIPS for you to follow and win rewards more easily.

As you have noticed, the invitation number matters a lot in the contest. That’s why the first thing is to know how to invite new members efficiently.

Step 1

Make sure you’ve set your own invitation code. DONOT make your invitation code too complicated to remember.

Step 2

Invite your phone contact as the first choice, because you don’t have to waste time looking around as a beginner.

Step 3

Share your code with your friends and make sure they use your code to join, or they may join someone else ‘s team by mistake! If you’ve joined any community, you can share your code in it too, this will help you invite more people in a great way.

Another important thing you should keep in mind is to keep your team active. This can be easily done by “Pinging” them, reminding your teammates to activate the Bee earning session every 24H. Once you Ping your team, better choose Ping all, and they’ll receive APP notifications or phone messages to come back in time.

Act now and don’t let go of your chance to win!

This contest is available for every Bee Network Pioneers, Ambassadors and Verifiers. Don’t waste your chance to claim your own rewards. Every day and every week during the event, there is a chance to be the winner and claim your rewards!

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