Join Football Carnival to Win $20,000 Rewards

Greetings to Bee Pioneers, Volunteers and Dear Ambassadors,

Bee Network Football Carnival has started. Who is your favorite team?

Bee Network DAO has prepared a series of events for the Football Carnival to let all pioneers support the favorite team in a better way. During the Football Carnival, there will be a total prize pool worths over $20,000 provided by the core team, let’s check out how to win.

What’s the Football Carnival?

The Football Carnival is a series of events which includes the following ones:

  • Task Hunt:Daily missions and reward missions await, including daily mint, article sharing, earning from offerwalls, etc.

What’s the Football Carnival Rewards?

You can earn Points through Task Hunt and keep them as carnival funds. The more you earn, the more chance you have to win the big final reward.

Points can be used in betting on your favorite team in daily matches, or to redeem chances to draw Lucky Boxes.

How to Join the Football Carnival?

Join via Explore > Football, or earn Points on Profile page > Mission Board.

The game is on! Worldwide pioneers, let’s celebrate together!

Bee Network DAO Core Team


About Bee Network

Bee Network is an interactive game and social networking platform. You can score your Bee balance and communicate with your friends.

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