Interest is the best teacher — Drews’ 017’s Bee story

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3 min readSep 28, 2022


This week we’ll travel to a new country — Indonesia to meet our Indonesian community ambassador Drews’017(@AGunadirdja). The community of Indonesia has become one of the biggest groups. Let’s listen to Drews’017’s Bee story to share how he developed this big community.

As of now, Drews’017 has mined about 9,000 bees. At the very beginning of the Bee Network project, Drews’017 joined Bee. He knew Bee from the Indonesian crypto community and began to learn more about this project.

I read the white paper, and I read all the Bee Network projects, and I found Bee Network a very interesting cryptocurrency. I learned it myself because I saw in Indonesian Bee Network a conversation in the crypto community.

It’s very interesting and fun and it makes me curious about what this bee project will look like in the future. I think it is likely to be a big project.

There are over 3,000 bee lovers in the Indonesian community. Drews’017 is always ready to help his group members, and the Indonesian group continues to grow.

At first, I didn’t want to join the ambassador program, but the longer I explored Bee Network, the more I found it interesting, and wanted to tell Indonesian citizens that Bee Network is a good project.

As a community ambassador, Drews’017 works together with his friend @beekenz(another Indonesian community ambassador). And he has his ideas to help grow the community.

I spread Bee Network info and news through Social media and the Bee Network community, and our colleagues. You know the longest on Bee Network and has the most bee balance is my friend @beekenz. He has a lot of members in the group that he built.

Drews’017 thinks that Indonesians have a strong interest in Bee Network and that the Indonesian community will be stronger. And he will continue to work with Bee Network in the future.

I will still provide the latest info and updates. Of course, I will give directions about the world of blockchain and crypto to them.

Together with my friends, we will continue to share info and teach knowledge about the world of crypto blockchain and Bee Network projects.

Maybe we’ll create a Bee Network community bond in our country, and make a Bee Network shirt.

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