From 0 to 3,300, what did the Persian ambassador do?

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4 min readAug 2, 2022


Bee Network has built a large community that consists of Bee lovers from over 200 countries and regions. This week, we’re going to share the ambassador story of one of our biggest communities, the Persian community. Come and meet Persian community ambassador Naeim (@naim________).

Bee Network started the web3 journey in late December 2020, and Naeim joined as one of the early miners at the exact time. From college textbooks to blockchain readings, Naeim is becoming a blockchain enthusiast in two years.

I got acquainted with the Bee Network through a friend of mine.
The project looked good, it was easy to extract, and when I read the project’s white paper, I became more interested in the project.

After that, mining Bee has become one of the musts on Naeim’s daily check. Now he has invited more than 130 Bee lovers to join his team and earned over 42,000 Bees.

When asked the reason for acting the role of community ambassador, Naeim told us his story.

From the beginning of the project, I advertised it and created Bee Network Iran channel and shared announcements and program updates in it. I love to share news and notices about the project with those who don’t understand the project well, people need to learn things about what they’re into and I’m happy to help.

From 0 to 3,300, Naeim helped gather Bee lovers in the community, which is a significantly encouraging story that should be shared with all.

The Bee Network Persian group has more than 3,600 Persian-speaking users from Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan, and they are enthusiastic about the project.
In fact, there are enough users in these countries and the project is very popular. Bee Network Persian community is also very active in other social media. In my opinion, advertising the project on social media is very important and effective to make many people around the world get familiar with the web3 project. I have always advised other managers to create different fan pages and pages for their countries, a truly effective way to help grow the community.

Being a community ambassador means much more than answering doubts and sharing news. Naeim is determined to help build a bigger community for a better future.

As a community manager, I plan to start serious and good work in the community. I have learning plans for myself too, to dig deeper into the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency, and also, to lead people into the web3 field in an easier way through this project.
Acting as a community manager of 3,600 people, we’re expecting more support from the development team and communities of other countries or regions. Bee Network’s community will definitely get stronger as a whole as long as all of us participate more enthusiastically in the development of the project.

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