Community cohesion is important — 塞雷猴’s Bee story

Managing a big community and keeping it running in order is not easy actually. How do Bee Network ambassadors do this? Let’s share Bee Network Chinese community ambassador- 塞雷猴’s(invitation code: zhangshuangling)ambassador experience.

About a year ago, 塞雷猴 knew Bee Network from a WeChat group and joined Bee Network. As of now, he has mined 87,432 bees.

I think Bee Network is a very promising project and it benefits people a lot. So I joined it and keep mining till now.

There are over 4,000 members in the Bee Chinese community. Besides 塞雷猴 has other two WeChat groups, 800 members in total. For more info about Bee Network, he applied for Bee Network ambassadors.

I want to know more about the project and work together with Bee Network, which can increase my confidence and motivation for Bee Network. Web3 projects need a few years to develop and it’s not easy for us to stick to our beliefs. So I think being an ambassador can help me a lot.

塞雷猴 has different thoughts about developing a community. Different from other ambassadors, he chose to discuss projects with community members, share his ideas, and make the whole community more cohesive.

I built a group and started to invite some project-related people to join. We share our ideas about Bee Network and discuss the latest news. Gradually, we are more and more familiar and our community became stronger.

塞雷猴 always has many good ideas about the development of Bee Network. In the future, 塞雷猴 will still stand together with Bee Network and support Bee Network’s development.

To make Bee Network more influential and more people join our Bee family, I will do more promotion on social media and in my groups. We will achieve our goal one day!

Join Bee Network community to build a stronger HIVE and a better life:

Bee Network is an interactive game and social networking platform. You can score your Bee balance and communicate with your friends.

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