“Being an ambassador makes me proud” — Blackmag3’s Bee story

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3 min readSep 8, 2022


Bee community ambassadors play an important role in the development of the Bee Network, helping the Bee Network community continue to grow. This week, let’s enter German community ambassador Blackmag3’s (@Blackmag316) Bee Network world to share his story.

Blackmag3 has been with Bee since the beginning of Bee project. He received an invitation in a chat and then joined Bee Network. As of now, he has about 2930bees.

When I first used the APP, I thought it’s a great project with a lot of potential. A fair distribution of assets through the mining process as it was designed. App looks very nice also.

There are already about 179 bee lovers in the German telegram group. Although the number is not yet large, Blackmag3 has been doing his best to serve the community and help members with their problems. He always feels proud of himself for encouraging the project’s growth and helping group members.

I’m an ambassador in the German group ;) haha. but I’d love to do that, that would make me proud because I’ve been supporting the project all the time, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to recruit enough refs to become an ambassador in the normal way. I want to strengthen and verify the network. I already have questions from the community to answer every day. It’s just fun and makes me proud to be there and that in this early stage.

In terms of community growth, Blackmag3 is not only involved in this himself, but his family is also on board. Although the development of any project is not always smooth, he always believes that a good time will come.

I was able to find some bee lovers in the stepn community, which proved to be difficult. My wife was able to invite half her mom club. Twitter tweets are continuously shared and promoted. Hard time to get new bee’s because the whole market crashes at the moment. But better times will come again.

At the moment a large part of the community is only oriented towards profit. It seems to me that everyone wants to exchange their bee for dollars immediately when it is listed. That will weaken the ecosystem. I hope we can install a staking system before the listing. That would alleviate the pressure to sell and allow the project to grow more sustainably.

In the future, Blackmag3 will continue to work with Bee Network and make his own contribution to the development of the project.

The same as all the time. Answering questions from members, trying to come up with new ideas, talking and brainstorming with other admins, nurturing the telegram group, verification, patience, and stake my bees. I love to see this project growing.

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