Bee Referral Contest BNB winner-MOHAMED Gasmi

Bee Network Referral Contest has ended, but there are many events coming up. Stay tuned! This time, let’s meet BNB winner MOHAMED Gasmi. As Referral Contest NO.3, how did MOHAMED manage to achieve that? Let’s share his Bee Network story.

MOHAMED Gasmi(@medgeusmi01) began to mine in Bee Network a month ago. He also knew about Bee Network from Youtube. Until now, he mined 2,585 bees and invited 2,585 teammates in just one month. MOHAMED is an influencer on Facebook and has about 6M followers. Meet MOHAMED here: He always shares some Bee Network earning pics on Facebook.

MOHAMED is from Tunisia and he is in Bee Network Arabic community. Arabic is one of the most active communities. There are 6,003 members in the community currently and it keeps increasing. Welcome more people to join Bee Network Arabic community.

Arabic community:

Bee Network Football Carnival is running hot. It’s time to win your big prize🎉 Hurry up!

Join it:

Bee Network is an interactive game and social networking platform. You can score your Bee balance and communicate with your friends.

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