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4 min readMay 19, 2023


Celebrate Bee’s Day!

May 20th marks the annual Bee’s Day, and this year, we have prepared numerous exciting activities and rewards to express our gratitude to the steadfast support from our Beelievers. We will also unveil Bee Network’s upcoming developments and some of our plans. Thank you for being with us throughout this journey. Let’s build the Bee Hive together.

Administrator NFT Launch Announcement

The community is an essential part of our ecosystem, and administrators are the backbone and valuable asset of our Bee Network community. Bee Network Community is dedicated to working with the core team to expand Bee Network’s global development, ultimately achieving distributed and decentralized management.

Over the past year, we have implemented a new administrator system, and now we are proud to present the design scheme for the Administrator Identity NFT. Administrators who have shown dedication will be recognized by Beelievers and the core team.

We hope that all Beelievers will join hands in building the Bee Network ecosystem. The health of the ecosystem ensures the wealth of everyone involved. Every positive action from Beelievers contributes to the ecosystem, such as inviting new members, assisting in community management, developing ecosystem content, providing suggestions within the community, and sharing cutting-edge web 3.0 technologies. These efforts strengthen the ecosystem.

What can you expect on 5/20 Bee’s Day?

  1. Ecosystem Partner Events: To celebrate Bee’s Day, many Bee Network ecosystem partners have created some joint tasks in the Event Center. Make sure to check them out and claim your rewards on time. We currently have over 100 ecosystem partners, and more interesting projects will join us in the future. We aim to become the bridge connecting high-quality projects and all Beelievers, as we explore the wonderful world of Web 3 together.
  2. Bee Network Airdrop First-Come-First-Served: The Event Center has been open to Beelievers for a while, with hundreds of thousands of participants and millions of coins distributed. We truly hope this initial sum of money becomes your first step to exploring the Web 3 world. In addition to the partners’ Events, Bee Network will also organize a first-come-first-served (FCFS) task for 52,000 coins, celebrating Bee’s Day with 25 million Beelievers. The airdrop will begin at 9:00 AM UTC on May 20th. Participate and claim your rewards. Set your alarm clocks, so you don’t miss out. Please Note: From 5/20 4:00 AM to 5/21 4:00 AM, UTC. There will be no transaction fees for withdrawals of coins acquired from the Event Center. Please be aware that coin withdrawals still require manual review, and it may take 1–3 business days for the coins to be credited to your account.
  3. Limited KYC: On May 20th, we will have a limited number of KYC slots available on a first-come-first-served basis. Stay tuned to our official Twitter account @Beenetworkintl for the specific opening time. In the future, KYC will be available in different forms periodically, so no need to worry.

Enjoy the Bee’s Day Events, and let’s continue our journey together on Bee Network!

Welcome to the Honor Club

The first phase of the Honor Club has been successfully filled, and exclusive tasks for Honor Club members are about to commence.

First Event Announcement: Bee Network is collaborating with MoonTouch, a blockchain game developed by a joint team from Canada and Japan. We invite Honor Club members to become Top Runners in MoonTouch. Bee Network has prepared a Genesis Blind Box NFT worth at least $500 for everyone, and all MTS earnings obtained through this NFT will belong to you. Enjoy your exciting journey in the world of MoonTouch.

The Honor Club is currently open only to Beelievers who have completed the application and possess a Bee Balance of 100,000 or more. Please stay tuned for future application periods and requirements through official announcements.

Upcoming Releases

Since 2020, the Bee Network core team has been diligently developing and polishing the product, just like bees. Here’s a glimpse of what’s coming in 2023: more product variations and blockchain tools that will bring benefits to all Beelievers.

  1. It’s time to make the Event Center more exciting. We will soon update the on-chain rewards and introduce various types of on-chain tasks. Get ready for the next wave of rewards. The Event Center will also support multiple language versions, allowing Beelievers from around the world to join the ranks of earning rewards.
  2. In the upcoming version update, we will introduce BeeWallet 2.0, a new wallet version with swap functionality. Not only will it be user-friendly and feature-rich, but we will also collaborate with third-party institutions to enhance the detection of phishing websites and completely eliminate scams. A pre-release testing phase will be available to selected users soon. Stay tuned!
  3. With 25 million Beelievers on board, every new Beeliever will receive a Web 3.0 identity wallet. Many have experienced owning their first Web 3.0 digital wallet on Bee Network, conducting their first asset transactions. In addition to the existing Web 3 articles and popular projects on the Explore page, we will introduce more information. We are also partnering with mainstream exchanges to create value-added scenarios, giving every Beeliever the opportunity to be the master of their wealth.

Success doesn’t happen overnight. Achieving the goals requires the collective effort of all Beelievers. Please believe that without a robust and stable ecosystem, we cannot guarantee the sustained benefits of every Beeliever. The core team is committed to building a fast track from web2.0 to web3.0 for Beelievers, and ensuring that everyone enjoys the distribution of rewards along the way.


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