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Happy Valentine’s Day! Thanks for your questions and suggestions on Bee Network Q&A. For some important questions, the following content would be helpful. More to follow Bee Network Q&A update.

Bee Network’s attitude towards public chain

The digital wallet supports the mainstream public chains of the Ethereum series currently (ETH, BSC, Polygon, etc.). We have to say that Ethereum is still the best public chain at present. We are also looking at the development of other public chains and considering whether to start supporting other public chains.

Our strategy at this stage is to support the best public chain at present. We will also support cross-chain and swap features this year.

Who are the Core Team members?

Before answering this question, allow us to share the inspiration of Bee Network with you again:

“is the true nature of democracy and of all distributed governance. At the close of the curtain, by the choice of the citizens, the swarm takes the queen and thunders off in the direction indicated by mob vote. The queen who follows, does so humbly. If she could think, she would remember that she is but a mere peasant girl, blood sister of the very nurse bee instructed (by whom?) to select her larva, an ordinary larva, and raise it on a diet of royal jelly, transforming Cinderella into the queen. By what karma is the larva for a princess chosen? And who chooses the chooser?”

“The hive chooses,” is the disarming answer of William Morton Wheeler. (Out of Control by Kevin Kelly)

Please forgive the low profile of Bee Core Team. From the beginning of its establishment, Bee Network did not want to create any individual stars.

The only difference between Beelievers in the ecosystem in the future will be: more contribution equals more benefits; more Bees equals more voting rights. We are also looking forward to more Beeliever volunteers joining Core Team. If you are interested in joining the Bee Network community admin team, feel free to contact us by email. (Email address:

Keeping a low profile does not mean silence. In the future, we will regularly open more communication channels, such as Q&A, AMA, etc., to achieve better communication. We cherish every communication opportunity.

When is the next round of KYC?

Over 300,000 users in Bee Network have completed KYC verification currently. A limited number of KYC verifications will be available at some special times. At the same time, the KYC verification invitation mechanism will be added. More invitation privileges will be given to the Beelievers who made a great contribution to the community, and it is up to them to decide how to exercise their rights.

Besides, we will also upgrade the exclusive KYC verification system and build the honor club reward system.

Stay tuned for more details!

Why are there so many ads in Bee APP?

Ads do annoy some Beelievers. Nobody likes ads. But maintaining the entire network does require a base cost. Currently, the revenue from ads is used to pay for expensive cloud server fees. Ads may exist for a long time or temporarily, depending on the development of the entire community.

But the point that is very much emphasized here is that Bee Core Team accomplished something very landmark in the last year — revenue distribution started. Over 1,000 Beelievers have earned more than $100 and over 40,000 have earned more than $10 in Bee Network in a six-month period last year. Besides, one Beeliever even earned over $3,000! Some Beelievers have not even now understood how they earned money in Bee Network. There are also some Beelievers with hundreds of dollars in their wallets, but they have not withdrawn yet. The current benefits are not many, but it is a good start for our ecosystem!

For some events, the more people participate, the more revenue distribution they can get as a node. Every Beeliever is a node.

PS. Activate your team and get them moving!

The whole revenue distribution system is complicated and requires constant iteration. We hope to make it better in 2023, then more Beelievers can experience the joy of revenue distribution.

About Bee Network Mainnet

It is no secret that since last year, we’ve been receiving many inquiries about mainnet from leading exchanges. But in fact, many disasters have happened in the Web 3 field in the past year and even more recently. The achievements of many community builders went to nothing. Releasing the mainnet now would not maximize the benefits for the majority of contributors; instead, it would put Bee at risk of financial failure. This would be an irresponsible act for all Beelievers, as well as cause a huge impact on the current ecosystem.

At this point, we’ll keep developing Bee’s ecosystem. In the current ecosystem, many public chains are not worthy of their fame. Building a valuable ecosystem is Bee’s top priority now. Only by building the most convenient wallet, the best tools with good user experience, valuable content delivery and social system can we take on the consensus of millions of Beelievers.

In the future, Bee Network mainnet will not be the beginning of the end, but only the end of the beginning.

What else can we expect from Bee Network in 2023?

In addition to more valuable communication and interaction with the Core team, in the latest version, Event Center is online. Many users have already earned coins that can be withdrawn to USDT by completing simple tasks ( 200 coins= 1 USDT). We’ll continue to iterate and upgrade to allow more dapp programmers to work with us to provide better rewards and richer event content. We hope to make it easier for more users to mine the first pot of gold from the Web3 world. Hurry up to claim your exclusive event rewards!

One more thing, more transformative updates are coming to our Bee Wallet. Regarding any imagination you have about the wallet in the Web3 world, we’ll gradually make it a reality. More to follow the official announcement.


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