Bee Network and IOST Buzz into Collaboration: Accelerating Global Web3 Adoption in 2024

Bee Network
3 min readMar 5, 2024


Two leading forces in the blockchain space, Bee Network, the premier Web3 interaction platform boasting 26 million+ registered users and 3 million+ daily active users (DAU) across 230 countries and regions, and IOST, the high-throughput, gas-efficient smart contract platform with revolutionary IOST 2.0 architecture, announced a strategic partnership today. This collaboration leverages the complementary strengths of both platforms to accelerate Web3 adoption and empower the next generation of blockchain innovators.

Bee Network’s extensive user base and active community provide fertile ground for the partnership’s initiatives, while IOST’s advanced technology and scalable infrastructure contribute to a seamless and efficient Web3 experience for users.

Synergistic Collaboration for a Thriving Web3 Ecosystem:

The partnership will focus on three key areas, leveraging the unique strengths of each platform:

  1. Web3 Project Incubation: By combining IOST’s robust infrastructure and Bee Network’s thriving community, both parties will identify, incubate, and support promising Web3 projects with expertise, resources, and mentorship. This will foster innovation and accelerate the development of the Web3 landscape.
  2. Open GameFi and DeFi on IOST: The partnership aims to build a vibrant and open GameFi and DeFi ecosystem on IOST. This collaboration will attract leading projects, foster innovation, and ensure seamless user experiences, driving mainstream adoption of these revolutionary financial applications.
  3. Bridging Web2 to Web3: The partnership will focus on joint initiatives to onboard Web2 users into the Web3 space. This will involve educational programs, community engagement activities, and user-friendly tools, empowering individuals to participate in the decentralized future.

Looking Forward to a Buzzing 2024:

This partnership marks a significant step forward for both Bee Network and IOST, paving the way for a more vibrant and accessible Web3 ecosystem. With combined expertise, resources, and a shared vision, both platforms are poised to empower the next generation of blockchain innovators and unlock the full potential of Web3 in 2024 and beyond.

About Bee Network:

Bee Network is a premier Web3 interaction platform, committed to nurturing and accelerating various Web3 projects through innovative blockchain technology.

As a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), the Bee Network ecosystem has played a pivotal role in incubating over 200 high-quality Dapp projects, with our ecosystem partnership roster continually expanding.

Our relentless dedication to fostering growth services for the Web3 community underlines our commitment to pushing the frontiers of blockchain innovation.

About IOST:

IOST is a leading high-throughput, gas-efficient smart contract platform backed by renowned institutions like Sequoia and Matrix. As a pioneer in decentralized solutions, IOST tackles the scalability trilemma with its innovative Proof-of-Believability consensus mechanism and robust architecture. With a vibrant community and over 400 nodes, IOST is committed to unleashing the power of blockchain for a better future.

Together, Bee Network and IOST are poised to make 2024 a year of remarkable growth and innovation in the Web3 space. Stay tuned for exciting developments to come!



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