【ATTENTION】A New Round of KYC Will Open Soon.

Dear global pioneers, with efforts of Bee Network DAO in the internal testing, we are excited to inform you that Bee Network will soon open a new round of KYC, which is expected to be released on December 1st. In order to pass KYC verification smoothly, you need to update to the new version. The new update is released in grayscale, pioneers may download the latest version through the application store at different times. Please share this news with each other and get ready for KYC. KYC will open for 10 days from December 1st to December 10th, and only PASSPORT is acceptable in this round. You may fail the KYC verification if you use other identity documents, so please prepare your passport in this round. More ways of identification will be acceptable in next round of KYC and we will open KYC randomly every quarter and add other authentication methods. Finally, we would like to thank the global pioneers for their support, and the Bee Network DAO will continue to bring more benefits to all pioneers.

Bee Network DAO


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