‘Admin should be more than just pioneer’, Chymaker shared his Bee story

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3 min readJul 7, 2022


Bee Network has a strong community of over 150,000 active Bee lovers. We’re happy to share some stories from community contributors. Today’s guest is one of our outstanding community admins, Chymaker (@chymaker), welcome.

Before becoming Bee Network’s Nigerian Ambassador, Chymaker was a normal miner, lighting up the green bee button as a daily routine.

‘I read about it from a YouTube video of a YouTuber.’ said Chymaker, then he decided to download Bee Network APP to have a try. 17 months have passed since then, and now he has earned over 93,000 Bees.

When we asked how he thought of the project when he first used the APP, he said, ‘I like the project because the app was easy to operate and very interactive’. We believe that’s the main reason that attracted most of you from the very beginning.

As the project grows at a fast pace, we realized there is a large number of Bee lovers who come from Nigeria and that we should gather together to gain more strength in the community. So, Nigerian group was created and Chymaker stood out as admin.

He shared with us his story of being Nigerian admin.

I run a crypto training group on WhatsApp and I introduce new crypto enthusiasts to free mining projects like Bee Network. I love the project and think it’s best to promote the project as much as I can and assist others to know about the project. I believe in being part of the success of the project by putting in the work. Now, 750 are in my respective WhatsApp groups and 5300 are in Nigeria Community.

In terms of being a qualified community admin especially in a Web3 project, Chymaker also shared some principles for us to keep in mind in a long run.

I expect Admins to understand the Project better. The quality of admin should be more than just pioneer. They should be those who understand the objective of the project and and basic understanding of crypto to be able to assist other pioneers. Admin should be able to assist the community grow, solve problems and encourage the community to look at the big picture and future objectives of the project. They should act as customer service and support.

It requires patience, especially in the field of blockchain, and as a community ambassador of influence, Chymaker has some future plans in mind.

I will continue to promote the project as much as I can to give the project popularity. Tell people more about the project and tell them the lifespan of a viable crypto Project. Give personal and expertise advice to the management of the project as much as I can and assist in areas I can. I’m determined to be part of those who will contribute to the progress of the Project in every way necessary.

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