A good project needs promotion — South Korean ambassador Eun Ji’s Bee Network story

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3 min readAug 11, 2022


This week we take our eyes back to Asia, where the Bee Network is thriving in a beautiful country- South Korea. As a Korean community ambassador, what about Eun Ji’s (@beeNetworkKOR) Bee Network story? Let’s enter the world of Eun Ji’s Bee Network together today.

About a year ago, Eun Ji was searching for mining applications on the Internet, and Bee Network caught his attention.

After I downloaded Bee Network, thinking this project has great potential as well. As the Bee Network white paper says, Bee Network really is a great project. I have always thought so from the beginning until now.

Eun Ji has mined roughly 7000 bees thus far. Here’s what he said when talking about why he wanted to become a Bee Network community ambassador.

Bee Network is not yet well known in Korea, so the perception of Bee Network in Korea is not very good. Frankly, Bee Network’s credit rating is almost at rock bottom. Considering that, my purpose is to vigorously promote Bee Network in Korea and to make this good project develop better in Korea.

There are already around 1100 bee lovers in the Korean group thanks to Eun Ji’s efforts.

At first, there was not much information about Bee Network in Korea, so I started translating on non-network sites. I also encountered a lot of difficulties in the process, there were so many things I didn’t understand. so I looked around.

After that, we created a chat room, entered a Bee network telegram channel, tweeted, and we got to know each other in earnest after the Telegram group was formed.

I didn’t mean to advertise Bee Network. But it was possible because many people believed in Bee Network.

For a bigger and better community, Eun Ji is always trying to give people a full understanding of what Bee Network is and what direction it’s going to take in the future.

Eun Ji is always energetic and has many good suggestions for Bee Network. Bee Network is also looking forward to more surprises from Eun Ji. As Eun Ji said, wherever Bee Network is, we’ll always be together.

Join Bee Network community to build a stronger HIVE and a better life: https://t.me/joinchat/Of4Xkh1whCSc7-_i2gzQFg

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