Bee Network

Greetings to Bee Network pioneers and developers around the world!

After a year of growth, Bee Network has gathered 17 million loyal users and attracted the attention of a group of developers. Bee Network DAO will soon provide an open platform for developers to offer more services and benefits to…

To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Bee Network and offer gifts for Christmas, we’re launching a referral contest on Telegram which will last for 48H from Dec.20 to Dec.21.


💰 — $5000.00 AMAZON CARD

1st prize: 1 person $1000.00.
2nd prize…

【Good News】Extension of KYC Time

Hi, global pioneers, the KYC verification of Bee Network was supposed to end on Dec.10th according to the original plan. During this period, Bee Network DAO was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and eagerness of pioneers towards the KYC. In order to give back to everyone's…

Bee Network

Bee Network

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